A complete view of the cabinet interior

AVENTOS HK lifts the single door upwards, making it suitable for wall cabinets where overhead clearance is a concern, like applications in high cabinet as well as over the refrigerator.

Cabinet Dimensions

Cabinet heights of up to 600 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm (depending on the power factor).

Cabinet Dimensions

Height 360 – 600mm     Width up to 1800mm     Depth min 210mm (HK)

Height 360 – 600mm     Width up to 1800mm     Depth min 165mm (HK-S)

Compact Range

Only 3 lift mechanism types for all applications. The lift mechanism and front fixing bracket have been designed for symmetrical use.

Design of fronts

For wooden fronts and fronts with wide or narrow aluminium frames.

Aluminium fronts

Wooden fronts

Cover caps

Cover caps come in silk white and light grey.

Silk white

Light grey

Opening angle stop

The 100° and 75°opening angle stops ensure that little space is needed above the cabinet.



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